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Found some nice flowers when I looked around among the weeds! 🙂

My gardener only does general gardening on a couple of days a week as he is mainly a landscaper. So if the weather is really good he needs to get on with what really brings in the money I guess, then  mine has to wait. It’s worth the wait though.

Anyway here is what I found to share today.


I love the curly weed bottom right in the picture below as well as the many different colours on the hydrangea.


Close up of one of the above…. love the little flowers in the centre of each flower.



Today I want to share some of my own work from day 2 of the workshop.

If only it hadn’t been so hot, it would have been really fun. ( just kidding. it was anyway. )

Here the top two images are made over black and white wrapping paper. Bottom left is on some thick paper with flecks of gold in it and bottom right is the back of an image that had previously been an unsuccessful screen print

Edits 5

Some altered stencilled, gelli printed images.

Edits 6   Edits 7

In the folloing image, the one on the right  is a failed screen print on fabric, which has been overdyed and stencilled. The right hand  one is a monoprint which has been over dyed and paint with a thin glaze of gold acrylic which doesn’t show in the photo.

Edits 8

Two sketchbook pages are next. The bottom one is another sparkly one in the right light.

Edits 9

Bottom is another sketchbook page which has bee worked over with layers of dye and stencils

Edits 10


I have just enjoyed two very hot but very enjoyable days at the Bramble Patch with Hilary Beattie. This post is going to show some random images I took of what was happening around the room.

(As usual you can click on the images to enlarge them)

This week we were working with re-cycled papers, fabrics etc. in order to make more images from which we can choose when we come to the design workshops later.

The following two collages are a selection of what I saw other people doing.

Edits 1           Edits 2

Next we have our fearless leader dispensing pearls of wisdom to some of the students. Hilary went round the class doing this for us all so that we had a good idea of what we still need to do before we get to the design stages of our final pieces , which will be started in September.

Edits 3



P1050614edited P1050613edited P1050611edited P1050607edited

This is what is out in the garden at present.  Whilst I was looking around I heard birdsong coming from somewhere and I couldn’t see who was singing…. then I looked up and there it was, on the overhead telegraph wires. Rather a long shot but I did my best. The song seemed so loud I thought it was much nearer than this.

Bird on a wire

Finally a page from the summer journal I am doing with Myfanwy Hart’s Be Creative group on Facebook.




I had such a lovely day yesterday sitting stitching with friends from the Lutterworth Embroiderers’ Guild. We have a few of these throughout the year and we take what we are currently working on and just get on with it.

It is great to walk around the room and see what everyone is doing and it is always very varied.

I took some photos and will share them  with you.  All the photos will enlarge if you click on them.


Above we have friends chatting while doing unmentioable things to dolls legs! Some Machine embroidered post cards being made. Some beautiful beading, sorry it isn’t in perfect focus. 😦  The last one is an image from a vintage embroidery book from eBay that my neighbour brought to show us.  It was fascinating, so well illustrated also still very relevant today in many ways.


Work in progress on an Autumn Field, Knitted blanket squares with crocheted edges and this gorgeous doll. Front and back views.


I was working on the front and back covers for my book about daisies.

I was given this 🙂


Which I then ate! Yum Yum, delicious.



It was a lovely day here yesterday so I thought I would see how the plants were doing.  This weather has made everything flower so well this year hasn’t it?  I haven’t even had to water the pots much  so far either.

Does anyone know what the pretty little pink flower in the bottom left phto is please? Click on the collage to enlarge as usual.