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Today I want to share some of my own work from day 2 of the workshop.

If only it hadn’t been so hot, it would have been really fun. ( just kidding. it was anyway. )

Here the top two images are made over black and white wrapping paper. Bottom left is on some thick paper with flecks of gold in it and bottom right is the back of an image that had previously been an unsuccessful screen print

Edits 5

Some altered stencilled, gelli printed images.

Edits 6   Edits 7

In the folloing image, the one on the right  is a failed screen print on fabric, which has been overdyed and stencilled. The right hand  one is a monoprint which has been over dyed and paint with a thin glaze of gold acrylic which doesn’t show in the photo.

Edits 8

Two sketchbook pages are next. The bottom one is another sparkly one in the right light.

Edits 9

Bottom is another sketchbook page which has bee worked over with layers of dye and stencils

Edits 10


Beading with Eliza McClelland at Lutterworth Embroiderers’ Guild

We had a very informative (and fun ) talk from Eliza at Thursday’s meeting folowed by a workshop yesterday.

During her talk she passed round many examples of her work some of which are shown in the next few pictures. All of the work is on canvas. Some on beading canvas and some on waste canvas.


This image was taken from one of the windows in York Minster.


Lovely example showing such variation in the background of this piece.


This is an example of her beading on printed fabric used to make a pillow.


This one is a specatacle case showing several different techniques.

For the workshop we  were nearly all making samples of different techniques…. exceot Mary who, of course, had her own plans! 🙂


First one of Eliza’s samplers of some of the many techniques we could try.


Two more samplers showing more detail with  some showing combinations with stitch.

Now here are some collages of our first tentative steps. Beading, is of course, a slow process so I will watch progress and post more at a later date.



The canvas is actually white but I had problems with the lighting in the room so this was the best I could do. I did manage to avoid the chocolate stains on the work of someone who shall be nameless!

I am busy working on mine today as I expect many of the others are too.