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This is another from my series on Tulips. This is going to be a small fabric book. About A7 in size. I am doing this in a workshop with Hilary Beattie called Inspired By.

The course was called Cutting and Cropping for design.

We learned how to design  from a starting image, make paper and fabrics and collage them to make a final stitched and mounted art work.

All of the images I shall show are either my own of those of other students and the tutor who have given their permission.

I wanted to use trees and leaves as my main subject. This was my first starting image

an my sketch of a selected area.

P1010728057   P1010717046

From this I  abstracted areas of interest using paper masks. These were then enlarged to the required size.

P1010718047    P1010721050

This was a second starting pont and the sketches.

P1010727056   P1010725054

The next task was to prepare papers and fabrics for collage. Here are some of my papers and it is interesting to note that in some cases the back can be even more interesting than the front.


A mock-up was made out of papers to choose a final arrangement.

Selected areas of the papers  were then used to apply to a felt backing with Heat and Bond to make the central part of my final image,


This is now ready for stitching before I apply a border.  So look out for  a second post in due course.

Following here are a selection of the work of some of the other students (with permission) so that you can see the variety of work produced.



Finally two of Hilary’s works showing some ways to use the final images.


Thank yu so much  Hilary for a very inspiring few days and thanks to the other students for sharing their pages and inspiration.


Here is the latest page from my online course with Donna Downey. For this one we were asked to use watersoluble crayons or pastels etc. and to moisten them with white acrylic paint. This enabled blending and made the surface more permanent.

Double page spread

Double page spread

closer view

Closer View of Left hand side.

Clsoer view  of Right Hand Side

Clsoer view of Right Hand Side

As I was taking these shots I looked out of the window at the front garden and saw that the light was lovely. This was taken through the window glass.



Today I am going to share the images so far in the book that will eventually be mine to keep.  In this round there were six different stitchers.

Page 1

Page 1

Page 2

Page 2

Page 3

Page 3

Page 4

Page 4

Page 5

Page 5

Page 6

Page 6

Didn’t they all do well?  I will now be working with 7 different stitchers and have the first book here ready to work on. Now…….. what shall I do this time?

Watch this space!


Nothing for months and then the posts come along like buses! 🙂

Some branches of the Embroiderers’ Guild have started travelling books and my branch (Lutterworth) is taking part. Basically what happens is that participating members are divided into groups of six and each member buys a small  (5 x 5″) spiral bound sketch book. The book one starts with ultimately becomes yours at the end of the process.

I worked page one in my own book and then at the next meeting passed it on to the next member in my group of six……. and so on. We have just come to the end of the first round and below are the pages I made. For some reason one is missing, but you will get the idea.

This week we will hand these six books over to a new team and receive theirs in return. Then begin the rounds again, until the books are full. At the end the first one becomes mine to keep.

I am finding it is fun and not too onerous as the pieces are small and one has a month to finish it.

Page one in what will become my book at the ed of the process

Page one in what will become my book at the ed of the process

Detail of page one

Detail of page one

It just happend to be Christmas when I did this one!

It just happend to be Christmas when I did this one

Daisies, stamped and embroidered

Daisies, stamped and embroidered

Abstract flower on my own dyed fabric

Abstract flower on my own dyed fabric

I called this Perfect Day . It is painted Pelmet Vilene and hand stich

I called this Perfect Day . It is painted Pelmet Vilene and hand stich


Well it has been so long since I blogged that there really are no excuses… so I will just start from here!

I have been enjoying a series of Collage workshops with Donna Downey so I thought I would share those here.  We are at number 10 of the series now. Clicking on the image will enlarge as usual.

21-01-2015 lesson 2

Week 2

04-02-2015 Lesson 3

Week 3

18-05-2015 Lesson 4

Week 4

04-03-2015 lesson5

Week 5

18-03-2015 lesson 6

Week 6

30-03-2015 Lesson 7

Week 7

15-04-2015 Lesson 8

Week 8

30-04-2015 lesson 9

Week 9

March 13th lesson 10

Week 10

I have enjoyed learning new techniqiues, not always successful in my hands of course. However, all learning is fun isn’t it?


Today I want to share some of my own work from day 2 of the workshop.

If only it hadn’t been so hot, it would have been really fun. ( just kidding. it was anyway. )

Here the top two images are made over black and white wrapping paper. Bottom left is on some thick paper with flecks of gold in it and bottom right is the back of an image that had previously been an unsuccessful screen print

Edits 5

Some altered stencilled, gelli printed images.

Edits 6   Edits 7

In the folloing image, the one on the right  is a failed screen print on fabric, which has been overdyed and stencilled. The right hand  one is a monoprint which has been over dyed and paint with a thin glaze of gold acrylic which doesn’t show in the photo.

Edits 8

Two sketchbook pages are next. The bottom one is another sparkly one in the right light.

Edits 9

Bottom is another sketchbook page which has bee worked over with layers of dye and stencils

Edits 10


P1050614edited P1050613edited P1050611edited P1050607edited

This is what is out in the garden at present.  Whilst I was looking around I heard birdsong coming from somewhere and I couldn’t see who was singing…. then I looked up and there it was, on the overhead telegraph wires. Rather a long shot but I did my best. The song seemed so loud I thought it was much nearer than this.

Bird on a wire

Finally a page from the summer journal I am doing with Myfanwy Hart’s Be Creative group on Facebook.