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The course was called Cutting and Cropping for design.

We learned how to design  from a starting image, make paper and fabrics and collage them to make a final stitched and mounted art work.

All of the images I shall show are either my own of those of other students and the tutor who have given their permission.

I wanted to use trees and leaves as my main subject. This was my first starting image

an my sketch of a selected area.

P1010728057   P1010717046

From this I  abstracted areas of interest using paper masks. These were then enlarged to the required size.

P1010718047    P1010721050

This was a second starting pont and the sketches.

P1010727056   P1010725054

The next task was to prepare papers and fabrics for collage. Here are some of my papers and it is interesting to note that in some cases the back can be even more interesting than the front.


A mock-up was made out of papers to choose a final arrangement.

Selected areas of the papers  were then used to apply to a felt backing with Heat and Bond to make the central part of my final image,


This is now ready for stitching before I apply a border.  So look out for  a second post in due course.

Following here are a selection of the work of some of the other students (with permission) so that you can see the variety of work produced.



Finally two of Hilary’s works showing some ways to use the final images.


Thank yu so much  Hilary for a very inspiring few days and thanks to the other students for sharing their pages and inspiration.


I took more photos on my second visit so I am sharing them here.

Our new Tablecloth had it’s first outing this time.


Next we have the young embroiderers’ display. Very mixed ages, haven’t they done well?


I apologise for the reflections of the church windows in some of the exhibits, rather difficult to avoid them!

I loved the elegant boots and the Mary Poppins especially in the first collage. The beading was part of a workshop we had with Eliza MacClelland. In the second collage we have free machine embroidery Reflections and Frosty Morning.

Edits34     Edits35

I enjoyed this rather splendid piece embellished with gold work too.


Several different techniques in the first image but the tiger image in the second is a lovely piece of mixed machine and hand embroidery .

Edits37       Edits38

Finally some dolls. Miss Buttercup on her special chair and Bobbie, a beautiful old porcelain doll in his newly knitted clothes. He was quite tiny… no more than 6″ high I think.


Next a couple of tarts for you! Just look at HER with her nose in the air! 🙂


All in all a very successful exhibition showing the wide variety of talent we have in the Branch.





We held a very successful exhibition last week. Lutterworth was celebrating Feast Week and also holding various events as it’s memorial of WW1.  The Guild had an exhibition of work made in honour of those who served in WW1 as part of the overall exhibition. Here I am showing you selected works and will upload some others tomorrow.


The first two are from the WW1 exhibit. In the first collage the top two images of poppies are remembering the men of Ibstock. The bottom left image was very beautiful but hard to focus on as it consisted of several layers. Bottom right was in hand made felt with appliqué additions.

The second collage of the boots was all free machine embroidery, very skillfully done. I have included a close-up.

Edits27   Edits28

The next image shows some of the entries for the Chairman’s Challenge this year. The top one is the winner and is a very  lovely hand stitched box. I have also included a close-up. The other two images are my own selection of the rest of the entries.

2014-08-12 Luuerworth EG Exhibition

There was a workshop on Permanganate and batik printing and some indigo dyeing, which are shown in the next images

Edits30   2014-08-12 Luuerworth EG Exhibition1

The lovely teddies below are made from old embroidered tablecloths.

I love the bright clear colours in the patchworks below too.

2014-08-12 Luuerworth EG Exhibition2 Edits29

I also like this little velvet picture with it’s beading.


more images later.








I had such a lovely day yesterday sitting stitching with friends from the Lutterworth Embroiderers’ Guild. We have a few of these throughout the year and we take what we are currently working on and just get on with it.

It is great to walk around the room and see what everyone is doing and it is always very varied.

I took some photos and will share them  with you.  All the photos will enlarge if you click on them.


Above we have friends chatting while doing unmentioable things to dolls legs! Some Machine embroidered post cards being made. Some beautiful beading, sorry it isn’t in perfect focus. 😦  The last one is an image from a vintage embroidery book from eBay that my neighbour brought to show us.  It was fascinating, so well illustrated also still very relevant today in many ways.


Work in progress on an Autumn Field, Knitted blanket squares with crocheted edges and this gorgeous doll. Front and back views.


I was working on the front and back covers for my book about daisies.

I was given this 🙂


Which I then ate! Yum Yum, delicious.



Beading with Eliza McClelland at Lutterworth Embroiderers’ Guild

We had a very informative (and fun ) talk from Eliza at Thursday’s meeting folowed by a workshop yesterday.

During her talk she passed round many examples of her work some of which are shown in the next few pictures. All of the work is on canvas. Some on beading canvas and some on waste canvas.


This image was taken from one of the windows in York Minster.


Lovely example showing such variation in the background of this piece.


This is an example of her beading on printed fabric used to make a pillow.


This one is a specatacle case showing several different techniques.

For the workshop we  were nearly all making samples of different techniques…. exceot Mary who, of course, had her own plans! 🙂


First one of Eliza’s samplers of some of the many techniques we could try.


Two more samplers showing more detail with  some showing combinations with stitch.

Now here are some collages of our first tentative steps. Beading, is of course, a slow process so I will watch progress and post more at a later date.



The canvas is actually white but I had problems with the lighting in the room so this was the best I could do. I did manage to avoid the chocolate stains on the work of someone who shall be nameless!

I am busy working on mine today as I expect many of the others are too.