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These are some of the plants I bought at the garden centre yesterday. 

African Violet I haven't seen this one before

African Violet
I haven’t seen this one before

Herbaceous Perrenial Geranium I also bought a darker one

Herbaceous Perrenial Geranium
I also bought a darker one

Can't remeber

Osteospermum ….. a darler one too


I also bought, Cosmos, and Rudbeckia, a couple of small shrubs. Some Osteospermum and some Gazanias Some Begonias for a big pot in the front garden and a few Diascia for hanging basket. Quite a haul really! None of these are in flower though so I will show them later when they bloom.

Should be great later in the year.


After spotting a butterfly I hadn’t seen in the garden before, I went out to see what it was up to !

Brimstone Butterfly

It was a brimstone and was investigating mainly the marigolds, which although colourful are the bane of my life as they have spread all over everywhere.

While I was out there I did my usual walk around the garden to see what else was out. There isn’t much there now as most of my flowers have gone over. I really need to do something about the gap in the seasons here.  I NEED autumn colour.


The Cosmos are still gorgeous. And of course the gardians of the garden are always there looking very affable… but cross them at your peril!

P1050686edited P1050685edited


Found some nice flowers when I looked around among the weeds! 🙂

My gardener only does general gardening on a couple of days a week as he is mainly a landscaper. So if the weather is really good he needs to get on with what really brings in the money I guess, then  mine has to wait. It’s worth the wait though.

Anyway here is what I found to share today.


I love the curly weed bottom right in the picture below as well as the many different colours on the hydrangea.


Close up of one of the above…. love the little flowers in the centre of each flower.