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Here is the latest page from my online course with Donna Downey. For this one we were asked to use watersoluble crayons or pastels etc. and to moisten them with white acrylic paint. This enabled blending and made the surface more permanent.

Double page spread

Double page spread

closer view

Closer View of Left hand side.

Clsoer view  of Right Hand Side

Clsoer view of Right Hand Side

As I was taking these shots I looked out of the window at the front garden and saw that the light was lovely. This was taken through the window glass.



I have just enjoyed two very hot but very enjoyable days at the Bramble Patch with Hilary Beattie. This post is going to show some random images I took of what was happening around the room.

(As usual you can click on the images to enlarge them)

This week we were working with re-cycled papers, fabrics etc. in order to make more images from which we can choose when we come to the design workshops later.

The following two collages are a selection of what I saw other people doing.

Edits 1           Edits 2

Next we have our fearless leader dispensing pearls of wisdom to some of the students. Hilary went round the class doing this for us all so that we had a good idea of what we still need to do before we get to the design stages of our final pieces , which will be started in September.

Edits 3