Found some nice flowers when I looked around among the weeds! 🙂

My gardener only does general gardening on a couple of days a week as he is mainly a landscaper. So if the weather is really good he needs to get on with what really brings in the money I guess, then  mine has to wait. It’s worth the wait though.

Anyway here is what I found to share today.


I love the curly weed bottom right in the picture below as well as the many different colours on the hydrangea.


Close up of one of the above…. love the little flowers in the centre of each flower.


4 thoughts on “IN THE GARDEN TODAY

  1. nuvofelt

    How very pretty, but hydrangeas always make me feel sad. There was a beautiful one in my parents’ garden – too big for us to bring away. It had a special meaning for me. No-one else knows that – so keep it a secret.

  2. dorothyag Post author

    Hi Myfanwy, Sorry about that. they aren’t actually a BIG fvourite with me as they soend som much time with dead heads on them. They are lovely when they are out.


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