Hi There.

I have been taking an online class called Mandala Madness with Barb Owen at

This is an excellent, professionally set up site for anyone who is interested in mixed media, writing, journalling and stitching. Barb runs live streams from her workroom every Friday evening at 2pm EST (9pm BST) There is a different topic every week and one can take part in live chat or not depending on your interest. The live audience is eiher watching, joining in chat, following along with Barb or simply watching while doing one’s own work. Up to you.

One can sign up to the site for a taster  for 1$ and get a feel of it before committing to full membership, which gives access to all of the site, workshops and special member only live streams.

Mandala Madness is a separate course run from the site for members who have signed up for it. It has consisted of a series of workshops on different techniques, live video sessions for the lessons  and bonus classes, plus ‘Show and Tell’ sessions where one can see and hear what other students have done during the week. You can choose whether to be seen on screen or not… so there is nothing scary about it at all. All the sessions are recorded so if you can’t be there for some reason you can still watch, although I find it is not as much fun without the live aspect.

Here are a few of the Mandalas I have completed.  I still have more to do and will post when I do them.


These images are all drawn by eye. In some of them I used a compass to draw circles to work from, but the drawing is free hand.

The lacy ones start with a single white spot in the centre and are then worked out from there.

The last two are known as Zendalas as they are zentangle inspired using defined named patterns.

Such huge fun and relaxing to make these images.





6 thoughts on “MANDALA MADNESS

  1. Barb Owen

    Dorothy, your review of the class and is so nice. Thank you and I’m thrilled to know that you enjoyed Mandala Madness. Your mandalas are really beautiful! Love them all. 😉

    1. dorothyag Post author

      Hi Barb, Thank you so much. I’m glad you approve! 🙂 I still have more to do and I will share them here as I do them. Thanks again for all your hard work.


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