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These are some of the plants I bought at the garden centre yesterday. 

African Violet I haven't seen this one before

African Violet
I haven’t seen this one before

Herbaceous Perrenial Geranium I also bought a darker one

Herbaceous Perrenial Geranium
I also bought a darker one

Can't remeber

Osteospermum ….. a darler one too


I also bought, Cosmos, and Rudbeckia, a couple of small shrubs. Some Osteospermum and some Gazanias Some Begonias for a big pot in the front garden and a few Diascia for hanging basket. Quite a haul really! None of these are in flower though so I will show them later when they bloom.

Should be great later in the year.


It was a lovely day here yesterday so I thought I would see how the plants were doing.  This weather has made everything flower so well this year hasn’t it?  I haven’t even had to water the pots much  so far either.

Does anyone know what the pretty little pink flower in the bottom left phto is please? Click on the collage to enlarge as usual.


Today’s Stroll Around the Garden

Hi There,

Here are today’s offerings from the garden….. tomorrow I hope to have something crafty to share.


Another self setter. They seem to be popping up all over. Aren’t I lucky?


This flower has really collected the sunshine hasn’t it? I can’t remember it’s name.


The new begonias are doing well too. I especially like the one with the pink frilly edge.