Today I want to share some of my own work from day 2 of the workshop.

If only it hadn’t been so hot, it would have been really fun. ( just kidding. it was anyway. )

Here the top two images are made over black and white wrapping paper. Bottom left is on some thick paper with flecks of gold in it and bottom right is the back of an image that had previously been an unsuccessful screen print

Edits 5

Some altered stencilled, gelli printed images.

Edits 6   Edits 7

In the folloing image, the one on the right  is a failed screen print on fabric, which has been overdyed and stencilled. The right hand  one is a monoprint which has been over dyed and paint with a thin glaze of gold acrylic which doesn’t show in the photo.

Edits 8

Two sketchbook pages are next. The bottom one is another sparkly one in the right light.

Edits 9

Bottom is another sketchbook page which has bee worked over with layers of dye and stencils

Edits 10

6 thoughts on “MIXED MEDIA WORKSHOP Day Two

  1. dorothyag Post author

    Thanks, I really enjoy these. The next one is in September when we begin to use our collection for designing pieces. YAY!

  2. Hilary Beattie

    Never managed to persuade you through to get your bits out Dorothy (and I mean that in the most innocent of ways!) .. but it was tropical in that other room with no draught at all. So lovelty to see them here. What a great collection – I know you like to work more slowly and with consideration – but you have still got a wonderful set of materials to work from. Keep adding at home wont you (instead of all this gadding about online coursing!!) – and we can get going onto the ‘real stuff’ next time xx

    1. dorothyag Post author

      Hi Hilary, thanks. Yes’m I have plans to do more and more fabrics too. I didn’t do more on the day as apart from the heat I wanted to use colours that I knew I had at home. 🙂


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