Well it has been so long since I blogged that there really are no excuses… so I will just start from here!

I have been enjoying a series of Collage workshops with Donna Downey so I thought I would share those here.  We are at number 10 of the series now. Clicking on the image will enlarge as usual.

21-01-2015 lesson 2

Week 2

04-02-2015 Lesson 3

Week 3

18-05-2015 Lesson 4

Week 4

04-03-2015 lesson5

Week 5

18-03-2015 lesson 6

Week 6

30-03-2015 Lesson 7

Week 7

15-04-2015 Lesson 8

Week 8

30-04-2015 lesson 9

Week 9

March 13th lesson 10

Week 10

I have enjoyed learning new techniqiues, not always successful in my hands of course. However, all learning is fun isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “CATCHING UP TIME

  1. Ann Divine

    Glad you’ve got the blog up and running again. It looks good, but I couldn’t find anywhere to comment on the actual blog. I must look at mine some time!

    Ann xx

  2. sewforever

    Loving those pages Dorothy… especially The Listen page…. so true… always listen to one’s inner values… continue to enjoy blogging…. Jill

    1. dorothyag Post author

      Thanks Jill. I like that one too. I learnt a lot from all of them, even if I don’t like them all! 🙂

  3. Island Threads

    Dorothy it is nice to see you back, I didn’t know you had switched to wordpress, I had checked you blogspot blog from time to time and there were not updates then the last time I tried it was gone, I like the header of your blog,

    there is some interesting and nice work in these journal pages Dorothy, will you take any of them further? it’s nice to get out and join like minded people for some fun and chatter, Frances

    1. dorothyag Post author

      Thanks Frances….. I’m sorry I neglected it for so long. I changed to WordPress as I had a lot of trouble with Blogger for a while. I can update this one from my iPad very easily too.
      I do intend to take some of them further. I have some canvasses all ready to do so.
      I made the header in Photoshop Elements btw.

  4. nuvofelt

    Good to see you back, Dorothy, we all need a break sometimes. Looks as though you put the workshops to good use – lots you can use in other work. Great to see it. I can’t remember – is she the one with the annoying voice, or is that Frugal Crafter? Just haven’t caught up online for so long. One day maybe I’ll have more time for online workshops – there are some good ones out there. Caught up with my garden blog today. Hospital tomorrow so everything will be on pause again…..

    1. dorothyag Post author

      Thanks Myfanwy. You are right there are lots of ways to use this. Canvases in the offing and i can add stitch to those too. 🙂
      No, she doesn’t have an irritating voice. She is bubbling over with enthusiasm, which is infective. Fingers are firmly crossed for the hospital. Hope this is the end of Jock’s troubles.


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