Beading with Eliza McClelland at Lutterworth Embroiderers’ Guild

We had a very informative (and fun ) talk from Eliza at Thursday’s meeting folowed by a workshop yesterday.

During her talk she passed round many examples of her work some of which are shown in the next few pictures. All of the work is on canvas. Some on beading canvas and some on waste canvas.


This image was taken from one of the windows in York Minster.


Lovely example showing such variation in the background of this piece.


This is an example of her beading on printed fabric used to make a pillow.


This one is a specatacle case showing several different techniques.

For the workshop we  were nearly all making samples of different techniques…. exceot Mary who, of course, had her own plans! 🙂


First one of Eliza’s samplers of some of the many techniques we could try.


Two more samplers showing more detail with  some showing combinations with stitch.

Now here are some collages of our first tentative steps. Beading, is of course, a slow process so I will watch progress and post more at a later date.



The canvas is actually white but I had problems with the lighting in the room so this was the best I could do. I did manage to avoid the chocolate stains on the work of someone who shall be nameless!

I am busy working on mine today as I expect many of the others are too.






  1. dorothyag Post author

    She is Myfanwy. Talk was excellent and hilarious but the workshop was very businesslike and she was very attentive. Mary brought along a gorgeous raspberry pavlova as her contibution to the faith lunch too! 🙂


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