These are some of the plants I bought at the garden centre yesterday. 

African Violet I haven't seen this one before

African Violet
I haven’t seen this one before

Herbaceous Perrenial Geranium I also bought a darker one

Herbaceous Perrenial Geranium
I also bought a darker one

Can't remeber

Osteospermum ….. a darler one too


I also bought, Cosmos, and Rudbeckia, a couple of small shrubs. Some Osteospermum and some Gazanias Some Begonias for a big pot in the front garden and a few Diascia for hanging basket. Quite a haul really! None of these are in flower though so I will show them later when they bloom.

Should be great later in the year.


  1. nuvofelt

    What a great haul. You’ve reminded me that in a former life I had an enormous collection of African Violets. Nowhere to keep them here, so it’s a passion I’ve shelved for something else. I wonder what? 😉

  2. Mags

    Brings back memories for me too D. My mother had loads of that geranium in her garden when I was a child.

    1. dorothyag Post author

      Hi M, we did too, we called it Mr Whitehead’s geranium because he gave it to us. 😐


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