it was a lovely sunny day today so I went and sat in the garden for a bit and then took a walk around.

Here are some general views

Front garden Front garden
Back Garden Back Garden from my seat

Walking towards the house

Back Garden Back Garden
Back Garden Back Garden
Back Garden Back Garden

Now I need to go and get some more plants. Always a pleasure!

10 thoughts on “A WALK AROUND MY GARDEN

  1. Island Threads

    your garden has a lovely design Dorothy, is this how it was laid out when you arrived or have you had it landscaped? it looks nicely planted with a selection of plants and plant buying is always good, you must have plenty of garden shops around, have fun, Frances

    1. dorothyag Post author

      Hi Frances. Thank you. Yes that is how it was layed out by my predessor. She was an avid gardener and plantswoman. We do have several good nurseries around… lucky. 🙂 I have had alovley time today buying some new plants. I put pics up in due course.


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